Best Practices

Designed to provide corporate, governmental, environmental, and other personnel the Best Management Practices for lawn and landscape, The GI-BMP training is developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and administered through the UF-IFAS Florida-Friendly Landscaping program. Learn more about the  Green Industries Best Management Practices

The Right Tree in the Right Place

  South Florida
  North and Central Florida

Tree Care

  The Top 10 Myths of Tree Care
  Topless Trees Are Indecent

Trees and Your homeowner’s insurance 

Many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to remove or improperly prune trees within a certain distance of insured structures.  The Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture has drafted a response for insurers.  Available for your use:

Florida ISA Insurance letter

Storm Reference

  Wilma, the Great Defoliator
  Replanting Our Urban Forest – Lessons Learned From Hurricane Wilma
  Broward County – Extension Education Division
  Damaged Trees May Have Monetary Value

Industry Safety

  OSHA Assistance for the Tree Care Industry