Maintaining your Certification

The LIAF Certified Landscape Inspector’s Program requires Certified Inspectors obtain a minimum of twenty-four (24) CEUs during the three-year certification period, which runs from January 1 through December 31. (New certifications are valid from date of exam through December 31 of the third full year.) All twenty-four CEUs must be obtained within the certification period. CEUs are not retroactive, and cannot carry over to the next certification period. To maintain certification, an individual must remain a member in good standing, and will need to acquire all necessary CEUs before December 31st of the expiration year (by the expiration date on certificate).

The LIAF Certification Committee regularly reviews outside education and provides CEU sign-in sheets to any groups, meetings, courses and seminars that qualify as having acceptable content to apply towards certification. However, it is the member’s responsibility to obtain, accumulate, and track his or her CEUs before certification expires.

LIAF monthly meetings 1 per meeting when a speaker is present

LIAF Field Trips 1 per trip

LIAF Annual Industry Seminar 5 per full day

LIAF Officer 4 per term

LIAF Board Member 2 per term

LIAF Committee Member (active) 2 per year

Conferences and Seminars maximum 4 per full day
Verification of content and attendance are necessary to receive credit.

CEU Application form must be completed and returned.

College courses
The course content must be landscape and/or horticulture related and must be
approved for CEU credit by the Certification Committee. Grade reports are required
for verification; grades must be a “C” or better to obtain CEU credit. Maximum
credit for college courses is six (6) CEUs per certification period.
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